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You ask me, do I wanna be a sailor?

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25 October 1991
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  • shirenai@livejournal.com

Friends Only! Here are some rules:

Comment on the first entry if you wish to be added. And, preferably, tell me why you are adding me (I like to know how people come across my journal).
• Your journal must have at least several entries and not be too recent (that is to avoid undesirable people).
• If you wish to remain on my f-list, then do not lurk without saying anything, please. I hate lurkers who add me just to see what happens on my journal and do not comment, so if I see you are not really interested, I will drop you.
• Whatever the nationality, I am always happy to befriend new people (I am French but I understand English and German), so do not mind that!
• Only that, I happen to post mostly in French and not that much in English. But I am getting back to it.
• All entries are f-locked, even the oldest ones (I made sure they would). However there might be one or two that will remain public.
All entries older than one month will be friend locked anyway.
• If you are here to read my texts, go to night_and_mare. It is practically french only but you will find some english texts as well.
• Last but not least, I do not bite, so go ahead and add me if you feel like it!


The friends only banner I am currently using was made by asthma
The icons I use are not mine, but there are decent credits.

Random stuff:

I MARRIED THE MOST AWESOMEST, THE MOST CUTEST, THE MOST NICEST, THE MOST LOVELIEST, THE MOST MOST MOST bostaf ON MAY, 14TH 2011 AT marry_a_ljuser ♥♥♥ And yes, that deserved some super-superlative and capslock. Love you forever, honey.

Stephen Loud (Gevanni) is_my_bf

And I got happily married to the loveliest, sexiest, unique Kamiya Hiroshi ♥♥♥ at gotmarried on February, 5th 2010 ~
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