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Credit for the banner: the awesome asthma

The foam:

Et bim

Aujourd'hui, l'album Meteora de Linkin Park a douze ans.


J'étais pas prête pour ça. Mais alors vraiment pas.

The foam:

5-acts meme 2015

Je retombe dans la fanficion et voilà que je tombe sur un échange de fics avec des kinks. C'est donc avec beaucoup de joie et d'émotion aussi que je poste ma fiche. (merci à andersandrew pour l'organisation, et le post original se trouve ici)

La suite iciRéduire )

Les réponses sont à poster en commentaires avec cette en-tête : [fic/art] - Fandom - Kink - Rating - Titre


It is that time of the year again! French moment now.

Donc oui s'il vous plaît, on se lève pour souhaiter un...

BON ANNIVERSAIRE A shono_hime !!!

J'espère pour toi plein de bonnes choses, de chat, de bonheur, d'écriture, de fangirlisme, de réussite et tout ce qui va avec. Si jamais tu veux euh. un petit OS (encore faut-il que ça t'intéresse que je t'écrive quelque chose ^^,), n'hésite pas à demander, ça sera avec plaisir =D

Voilà, de gros bisous à toi miss, et la meilleure journée possible ! ♥

The foam:

Being Human - A Fugaoi fanmix

Oh hi there! Just passing by to post a mix I made for nayung's awesome webcomic, Yumeji 1 Choume 4 and focused on the first pairing: Fuuga Akki/Kakeru Aoi. There are thirty songs, instrumentals and with lyrics. I chose the songs very carefully so that the whole lyrics would fit the pairing, therefore I put the whole lyrics in the cut (which means LONG post because there are thirty songs).

Everything lies behind the cutRéduire )

The foam:

Favorite character meme

Snagged from nayung and flo_nelja :

♥ Reply with "It's over 9000!" and I'll give you four fandoms.
♥ Write about your favorite character from each fandom.

nayung gave me:

Sekaiichi HatsukoiRéduire )

Durarara!!Réduire )

Togainu no ChiRéduire )

Yumeji 1 Choume 4Réduire )

flo_nelja gave me:

Darker than BlackRéduire )

KuroshitsujiRéduire )

Shingetsutan TsukihimeRéduire )

Fullmetal AlchemistRéduire )

And that will be it for today folks! Feel free to ask for four fandoms as well!

[EDIT] Got four other fandoms from starrose17 so here are:

Death NoteRéduire )

Pandora HeartsRéduire )

Vampire KnightRéduire )

YellowRéduire )

Playlist of the week 23

Hi people. Thanking you lots for the very enthusiastic feedback these past weeks, you can grab today's playlist HERE and on with the...

Tracklist!Réduire )

And that will be it for this week.

Playlist Of The Week #22

Hi guys! Just passing by to provide you with some dark, unknown music today, as the playlist will almost exclusively be made up of independant bands. Yay for them if they can get new fans! As usual, HERE to grab the .zip and on with the...

Tracklist!Réduire )

And that's it for today, see you next week!

Playlist of the Week #21

Hello there people!

Just the time for me to find you seven songs I had not already packed in the previous .zip and here we are. As usual, you can find it HERE and on with the...

Tracklist!Réduire )

Aaaaand that is it! See you next week people!
As I promised in my previous post, here is for you a very special playlist: instead of posting only seven songs like I always did, I made a selection of what is to me the best I came across during these past months. Which means quite heavy .zip and a tracklist not as detailed as it usually is, otherwise it would be way too long. But I split it in two: one part for songs with lyrics, the second one for instrumental pieces. I hope you enjoy it and said .zip can be found HERE. A file with the tracklist is joined with the music so do not worry, but I will still copy it here, in case you want to know what you download.

Part oneRéduire )

Part twoRéduire )

There you go and sorry for the delay, Megaupload has been a bitch.